A short short story, merging Bible and song

Painters of Sultan Murad III [Public domain]

I’ve had a song I grew up with circling in my head for days now, and also a story that I wrote, of which I posted a bit back a few years ago, as I pondered rewriting my first practice novel around this idea. What if some of the folks who didn’t get on Noah’s Ark stood outside the Ark as a way of protesting the injustice of destroying the entire world? I’m going to try this in 2nd person, to see how it reads: what do you think, Dear Reader?

The clear waters are lapping at her breasts. You can see the goose bumps on her flesh. The woman is shivering, looking right at you. She lifts her head, drawing a deep breath from her belly, and bellows these words out with her diaphragm:

“Soon and very soon,we are going to see the King!”

You’ve heard this song before, in a church, a long time ago. Now, the others join in, linking arms and responding to her call:

“Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King.”

The waters have reached the woman’s neck. You wonder what are they doing singing at a time like this. Then it hits you. Tears sting your face as you cry out to Shem, Japeth, and Ham:

“Get them in here! Now! Drag them by their idiotic hair if you have to, but get them in this boat! Right now! They …”

Your words are drowned out by the woman´s next call,

“No more crying!”

The others, lifting their voices above the waves, respond:

“No more crying there, we are going to see the king.”

You lung at the side, one foot already hooked over the edge, but your sons catch you by each arm, the third clutching your waist, dragging you back inside as Noach closes the door. The last thing you see is the writing on a plank of wood held high; demanding an audience with the One who sent this Flood. Demanding land for everyone, and justice for all.

The writing looked like blood.

Noah's ark and the deluge

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